In 1985 Ina Murison-McGowan was the Commander of the SAPS Child Protection Unit where she had to deal with the total devastation the lack of a father figure caused in the lives of the children she had to work with. When her husband died she herself was thrown right into this very same battle trying to raise her own son without the guidance of a man. Whilst she was studying for her degree in Psychology she did extensive research and wrote a paper on the Rite of Passage in SA.

She started presenting this very important ceremony through various mediums and on Social Media. This ceremony is a tangible way to formalize a parent`s love and belief in the lives of their children. It is the key to help them feel motivated, believe in themselves and what a Godly man/woman is supposed to be like. In 2015 the very first ever ceremony was presented on a stage at Mighty Men Western Cape. And the first Rite of Passage for the girls was presented by her at Mighty Women in 2018. This ceremony is a must in every child`s life and should not be missed!